Blairsville Candidate Forum

Northeast Georgia Democratic Primary Statewide and Congressional Candidate Forum

Saturday, May 05 @ 12:00
Meeks Park, Pavilion 3
Meeks Park Rd, Blairsville

Get to know your candidates for the 2018 May 22 Primary Election.

So far we have 12 confirmed candidates and a few maybes. We anticipate a full slate of candidates to participate so we need to mobilize people to attend and meet their primary candidates. We are fortunate that Union county Chair, Nelson Thomas has agreed to provide the entertainment. We also will be serving hot dogs, chips and drinks. Bring your lawn chairs and plan to join us for refreshments and music. Invite your friends.

For more info:

March for Humanity: 2018 Atlanta

On April 9th, The King Center will lead the community in a March for Humanity which will serve as a global clarion call to the world of how Together we CAN win with Love for Humanity. The March, which begins at 12 (noon), will start in front of The Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church and conclude in front of the Martin Luther King, Jr. statue in front of Georgia State Capitol. Following the March, there will be a Love for Humanity program and an “Inspirtainment” event to uplift and encourage the world to push the message of love and humanity forward.


Deception in Voting Bill

From 3/26/2018 newsletter of Georgia Rural Urban Summit:
Deception in Voting bill. Common Cause calls for your help to defeat SB 403 as written: Oppose Senate Bill 403, the voting machines bill. We believe this bill is unethical, nontransparent, and is NOT a paper ballot bill as it’s being sold. These legislators need to hear from you:
Rep. Christian Coomer 404.656.5024
Speaker David Ralston 404.656.5020
Rep. John Meadows 404.656.5141
Rep. Jon Burns 404.656.5052
Rep. Jan Jones 404.656.5072

Tell them: 
I’m asking you to oppose SB 403 because it lacks strong audit language and the procurement process is under the power of the outgoing Secretary of State who is also a gubernatorial candidate. This is NOT a paper ballot bill and the state is on the verge of continuing to allow unverified voting for another two decades.

Mueller Investigation

MAR 28, DNC Message Guidance

New filings by the Special Counsel have revealed that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, were in regular contact with a business associate who they knew had ongoing ties to Russian intelligence – including the same Russian intelligence agency responsible for hacking the DNC and John Podesta’s emails.

The evidence pointing toward the Trump campaign knowingly and willingly colluding with Russia to win the presidential election continues to pile up. This revelation is one of the clearest and most direct links between the Trump campaign and the Russian intelligence group that carried out Putin’s orders to attack our elections in 2016.

And as expected, the White House and general GOP response to the increasing evidence of collusion is to attack Mueller’s credibility.

Reminder: Mueller is universally respected as an honest, independent and impartial broker, and his appointment was praised by leaders on both sides of the aisle.

It is time for Republicans to draw a line in the sand and make clear that any attempt by Trump to fire Mueller would cross a red line.

Lucas Acosta

National Broadcast Media Manager
Director of LGBTQ Media
Democratic National Committee
(o) 202-479-5199
(c) 202-664-7609

Democratic National Committee, 430 S Capitol St SE, Washington DC 20003

DACA Update

MAR 23, DNC Message Guidance

The president continues to falsely blame Democrats for the lack of progress on a deal for Dreamers, but the country will not forget that he was the one who decided to end DACA.  And every time a bipartisan deal to protect Dreamers was on the table, he shot it down.

President Obama created the DACA program because this country is the only home American Dreamers know. They contribute to our economy and their communities, pay taxes, and work as teachers, first responders, and service members.

Because of Trump and Republicans, American Dreamers are at risk of being forced back into the shadows, losing their jobs, businesses, scholarships, and communities.

Trump’s willingness to hold American Dreamers hostage to further his hateful agenda is not only against everything Democrats stand for, it runs counter to the values this country was founded on.

Democrats believe our diversity is our greatest strength.  We will always fight for hardworking families and a smart, sensible immigration system.

Democrats know that protecting these young immigrants strengthens our economy and families across the country.

Lucas Acosta

National Broadcast Media Manager
Director of LGBTQ Media
Democratic National Committee
(o) 202-479-5199
(c) 202-664-7609

Democratic National Committee, 430 S Capitol St SE, Washington DC 20003

Stacey Evans at ETC Pavilion

The Northeast Georgia Co-chairs of

Stacey Evans for Governor

Invite local Democrats, Independents, and Moderates to

A FREE Party with

“Democrats in the Park”

Saturday, April 7, 2018

11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

At the

ETC Pavilion

Legion Road, Ellijay, Georgia

June Krise will reserve your space. Call her at 770-722-7994 or e-mail

Music ** Hot Dogs ** Voter Registration

Kids’ Playground

Note: This is an invitation from the Stacey Evans Campaign.  The Gilmer County Democratic Committee does not endorse one Democratic candidate over another running for the same office.

Stacey Evans and John Noel in Dawsonville

On March 31, Saturday morning, come meet two democratic candidates at the Dawson County Public library.

10:00  Coffee and donuts.

10:30  John Noel, candidate for Public Service Commissioner.

11:15  Rep. Stacey Evans, candidate for Governor of Georgia.

Dawson County Library
342 Allen Street
Dawsonville, GA 30534


David Cooper at General Meeting

From Melba Gandy
Gilmer County Democratic Committee Chair:
I am pleased to tell you that we will have two candidates rather than one at our Gilmer Democrats’ Thursday meeting.  David Cooper, who is running for the 9th District congressional seat will be here, as well as Triana Arnold James, candidate for Georgia Lieutenant Governor.
If you would like to know more about David, visit his website:
See you Thursday, March 15, 6:00 p.m., at El Rey Restaurant!

MAR 15 General Meeting

On Thursday, 2018 March 15 at 6 PM, we will have our next General Meeting.  It will be at El Rey Mexican Restaurant.  Our guest speaker will be Triana Arnold James, candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia.