Important Voting Information

Information about Voting and the Elections that you need to know!

I have received so much good information and so many good questions from Gilmer Democrats about voting, completing their ballots, and the procedures to follow that I am sharing the information in this message with everyone.  I am also sharing information about the Democratic Party of Georgia is doing with regard to the elections.


·         As you try to vote, if you encounter any voting activity that seems unfair or unusual – even if it seems trivial — do not hesitate to contact the DPG Voter Protection Hotline:  1-888-730-5816.  Visit their website for other information: <>.

·         The official DPG (Democratic Party of Georgia) position on safe voting is to VOTE BY MAIL.  The Party, in the month of June, will be educating as many people as possible to understand why it has taken this position.

·         If you have seen or find written information about voting prepared by Gilmer County officials, please send it to for review to  Saira is in charge of voter protection for Gilmer Democrats and has seen evidence of erroneous information given to voters in other counties.

·         If your application for an absentee ballot asked for a Democratic ballot but you received a Republican one, notify the DPG Voter Protection Hotline, 1-888-730-5816.

Your Ballot

·         Postage required on your ballot is a single, first-class stamp.

·         BE SURE TO MATCH the signature on the oath (back flap of the “Official Absentee Ballot”) to the signature on your driver’s license.  Failure to do this can cause your ballot to be rejected.

·         When the flap containing the oath is folded down, just below your signature is a line asking for “Printed name of Elector.”  This line appears to be needed if someone assists in preparation of the ballot.  THIS IS MISLEADING.  YOU NEED TO PRINT YOUR NAME ON THAT LINE WHETHER OR NOT SOMEONE ASSISTED IN PREPARING THE BALLOT.

·         RETAIN the envelope in which you received your absentee ballot.  This is proof positive that you applied for and received a ballot.  Notate on the envelope the date you signed your ballot and either mailed it or delivered to the designated place.

·         To check whether your ballot has been counted or to monitor the progress of your ballot, go to the Georgia My Voter Page: <>.  With some browsers, you may then need to click the state.  Then fill in the information requested at the upper right-hand-side of the screen.

·         The law requires that you be promptly notified if your ballot signature is questioned or rejected.  You will be given an opportunity to correct the problem until 3 days after the election.  Monitor the acceptance of your vote at the Georgia My Voter Page, above.   If your vote is not there, notify the Voter Protection Hotline.

Things Your Party is Doing to Ensure Effective and Fair Elections

The DPG has created and implemented new election procedures in Georgia that are being emulated by other states.  For example, organizers are being delegated geographically to every area.  Some are already at work and 15 to 20 new organizers will be hired by late June or early July.  The organizers will work with local Democrats to conduct activities such as fund-raising, phone-banking, virtual meetings, rallies, and town halls.  These and other activities to elect Democrats matter more now than perhaps any other time in our country’s history.

·         Poll Watchers

The Republican Party is projected to have 50,000 poll watchers during the June and August elections, using volunteers including retired Military personnel.  We Democrats are expanding our efforts to identify and train poll watchers.  The State Party itself has taken on these tasks, rather than leave them to the counties, to ensure better coverage and coordination.


If you have previously volunteered to be a Gilmer County Poll Watcher, please renew your request to the State office now in charge.  Notify: <>


Be aware that poll watchers can socially distance.  They may wear masks and gloves and do not need to collect documents and/or have other personal contact with voters.

The state has now been officially declared a battleground state.