Two ways you can ask the Governor to expand Medicaid

Governor Kemp will be holding a televised statewide town hall about the COVID-19 pandemic today, March 26th at 8 pm. During the event, he and members of Georgia’s COVID-19 task force will discuss the state’s response and answer questions from concerned Georgians. As the town hall host, Georgia Public Broadcasting is collecting questions for the broadcast from Georgians like you. Tell GPB to ask if the Governor plans to expand Medicaid as part of his COVID-19 response plan. Submit your question by commenting on this Facebook post. Here are two sample questions to make it extra easy for you:

  • Medicaid is one of the fastest ways that the federal government can get money to states in times of crisis. Is Gov. Kemp considering expanding Medicaid to all low-income Georgians as a way to boost our state’s response? 
  • Many Georgians are losing their jobs and their health insurance because of the virus. Is Governor Kemp going to expand Medicaid to make sure they can still access medicines and health care services?