Trump’s Response to Covid 19 Is Typical GOP “Small Government” Ideology

The pressure on hospitals in hard-hit areas is mounting, and several Democratic governors are demanding a more coordinated national response to get supplies as fast as possible to where they are needed most critically. But President Donald Trump hit back at the governors’ televised pleas, tweeting Sunday that they “shouldn’t be blaming the Federal Goverment for their own shortcomings.” He told the governors the federal government’s role is to be there “to back you up should you fail, and always will be!”

Several governors pushed back, warning that pitting states against one another, the federal government, and other countries in a bidding war on the private market is no way to respond to a pandemic that requires a coordinated national response to obtain and allocate emergency goods.

“It’s a wide, Wild West…out there,” Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker said of his attempts to obtain supplies. “And indeed we’re overpaying, I would say, for [personal protective equipment] because of that competition.”

“We need the federal government to get us those test kits,” Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer agreed. “We need personal protective equipment. And frankly a patchwork strategy of each state doing what they can is — we’re going to do it if we have to, but it would be nice to have a national strategy.”

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