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   Dear Fair Fight Family,Georgia is full of warriors who can, together, overcome the toughest obstacles. We know that you are one of those warriors, and, even amid a global pandemic, you will fight with us to make sure every voice is heard.Today, Georgia’s Secretary of State announced the state will move the presidential primary to May 19 — the same date as the non-presidential primaries. There are a lot of questions about this change, but please know that no matter what, Fair Fight will work hard so that democracy is protected.The Secretary of State’s office has committed that Georgians who have already cast their vote for the March 24 primary will have their votes counted; however, if you voted already, you can vote again in the May 19 primary to participate in down-ballot races. Fair Fight will be with you every step of the way to make sure your vote counts. Stay tuned on election updates by following us on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.Below is the statement from Fair Fight’s Senior Advisor Lauren Groh-Wargo:“Fair Fight is proud of the record number of Georgia Democrats and record number of Georgians of color who participated in early voting for this primary, demonstrating once again that Georgia will be a pivotal battleground state in November. Moving the presidential primary to May 19 will allow even more Georgians to participate, and Fair Fight will be watching to ensure every vote is properly counted.”Since the founding of Fair Fight, we have known (and shared with the world!) that Georgia is a pivotal battleground state. Your vote is incredibly important, and we are committed to making sure your voice is heard. Together, we will make history in 2020 and ensure every Georgian can have the freedom and opportunity to thrive. Please stay tuned with us as we continue to fight for your right to vote.With gratitude,#TeamFairFight             1270 Caroline Street
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