DNC News of the Day

2019 JUN 18 – New Campaign, Same Broken Promises

Background: Trump is relaunching his campaign today with a rally in Orlando, Florida.

  • Trump will spend the next year lying about the promises he’s kept, the deals he’s made, and telling America that he’s made it great again.

  • For the ultra-wealthy, big corporations and D.C. lobbyists, there’s no question Trump has made America great – they’ve made out like bandits while the rest of us are still running in place.

    • He gave huge tax cuts to the rich and big corporations at the expense of working people.

    • He’s flooded the government with special interest lobbyists so that oil companies and big banks have more influence than ever.

  • But the question voters need to ask is: what’s he done for me?  For the middle class, the answer is nothing. He hasn’t done anything.

    • He promised he would make health care cost less – he didn’t.

    • He promised he would stand up to drug companies – he didn’t.

    • He promised he would save manufacturing jobs – he didn’t.

    • He promised he’d make paychecks bigger – he didn’t.

  • Trump shook things up – by rigging the system even worse.  He helped corporations and the top one percent get richer, but he betrayed working Americans who trusted him.

Trump Obstacles To Securing 270 Electoral Votes

  • We take nothing for granted and are building the infrastructure to win  tight races in battleground states across the country. But as Trump launches his campaign he faces major obstacles in securing reelection that Democrats are preparing to capitalize on:

    • Trump’s standing and Democratic victories across “the blue wall.” In 2018 Democrats won statewide elections in PA, MI, WI, OH and MN by significant margins. Public polling shows the challenges he faces in this region: he is 12 points underwater in PA; only 36 percent say they would reelect him in MI; his net approval has dropped 19 points in WI; and he is 16 points underwater in MN.

    • Trump faces challenges in attempting to expand his map. In NV last cycle Democrats won the Senate, gubernatorial and attorney general races (Jon Ralston wrote there is “not one indicator — not one — that Trump could flip NV”); in CO Democrats won every statewide race in 2018; and in VA Republicans have not won a presidential race since 2004.

    • In 2018, Democrats made traditionally Republican states more competitive — Trump can’t take anything for granted. In AZ, Democrats won three statewide races (in addition to flipping 4 seats in the state house); in GA, Democrats came within 2 points of winning the governor’s race; and in NC, Democrats hold the governor’s mansion and broke the GOP supermajority in the legislature in 2018 — in fact “every single Republican in the N.C. House of Representatives from the Raleigh and Charlotte suburbs lost except one.”

    • Florida, Florida, Florida. Democrats are investing earlier than ever before. Through programs like Organizing Corps 2020, Florida Democrats already have 90 field organizers on the ground — and the FDP has announced a multi-million dollar voter registration program along with a year-round voter protection department. In 2018 Florida Democrats elected their first Democratic cabinet officer since 2006, flipped two congressional seats, sent the largest legislative delegation to Tallahassee in over 20 years and flipped county governments in Hillsborough, Orange and Miami Dade.

    • The DNC is laying the groundwork to defeat Trump in the general election. We’ve launched: Organizing Corps 2020 — an unprecedented, multi-million dollar investment to train the organizers across seven battleground states, with a special focus on communities of color; the War Room, a joint effort of the DNC’s communications, research and digital departments that drives rapid response against Trump (the DNC’s research department is home to the most comprehensive research file on Trump); and a state-of-the-art, cloud based data warehouse along with the new Democratic Data Exchange.