Trump Doubles Down on Failed Border Strategy

  • Trump’s cruel and chaotic border strategy has failed. Instead of addressing our broken immigration system, the Trump administration continues to pursue illegal and completely misguided policies that worsen the humanitarian crisis at the border and do nothing to make us safer.

  • In fact, Trump plans to double down on his chaotic anti-immigrant agenda — from shutting down the border, to illegally denying entry to asylum seekers, to pressuring Congress to allow the Trump administration to detain immigrant children indefinitely.

  • Democrats are making clear that we need a better strategy at the border:

    • We need a fairer and more efficient process for considering asylum claims that protects those who are eligible and deters those who are not.

    • We need to use the substantial border funding provided in the last budget bill to build out the infrastructure at ports of entry, hire more immigration judges, and humanely screen and process families and children at the border.

    • We need to address the violence and economic and political instability that is causing people to flee their home countries in the first place. That includes working with our Central American partners to reinstate regional refugee and resettlement programs, without cutting off all access to asylum.

  • The last thing we need to do is give the Trump administration more authority or more funding to pursue its chaotic and dangerous immigration agenda. We urge Republicans to work with Democrats on smart strategies that put our security and humanity first.

Lucas Acosta
Director of Broadcast Media
Democratic National Committee