DNC Announces Expansion of War Room

2019 APR 11 – Adrienne Watson & Nick Bauer are excited to announce a dramatic expansion of the DNC’s War Room:

We previewed our hyper-local strategy for the next 19 months with NBC News (story HERE), and we’d love your help getting the word out.  Please retweet us, follow our new Facebook page, and most importantly – let us know how we can help you over the coming months!  (toptalkers@press.dnc.org)


The War Room is a research and rapid response unit made up of dozens of research, communications and mobilization staffers who are entirely dedicated to getting Trump out of the White House.

  • The DNC’s War Room houses the most experienced Trump team in politics. Nearly the entire team has worked on Trump since the last presidential campaign, and the research team built the original and most comprehensive trove of research on Donald Trump.
  • We have assembled the most extensive collection of resources on Trump – better than any organization in the Democratic ecosystem. Over the past three years, we have collected more than 7000 lawsuits, filed thousands of FOIAs, combed local media for hundreds of local stories about the impact of Trump’s policies, and closely monitored and compiled information about every aspect of the Trump administration. Reporters from every major publication regularly request research from the DNC.
  • Over the past three years, the team has shaped the overall narrative on Trump, underpinned some of the most important narratives about his business career, candidacy and presidency, and made daily life for the Trump administration very difficult. The War Room placed front-page stories torpedoing confirmations, introduced key themes like his conflicts of interest, highlighted the on-the-ground impacts of Trump policies, and supplied Democratic surrogates with what they need to take the fight to Trump on TV, radio and other mediums.

As we move into the 2020 cycle, the War Room is re-launching with a broader mission and more public role in the party’s fight to defeat Trump, and hold his administration and the Republican Party accountable. For the next eighteen months, the War Room will hold Trump and Republicans accountable across a variety of mediums, relying more heavily on digital content to get the facts out, counter the White House message, and localize the impacts of the Trump administration in a way that has never been done before in a presidential election.

Key Tactics for 2019 and 2020:

HYPER-LOCAL BATTLEGROUND STRATEGY: The War Room will localize the Trump presidency in an unprecedented way, giving voters across the country highly relevant information for them and their communities that they don’t get from watching cable news. Much of this will be done through amplifying under-the-radar stories of Americans hurt by Trump’s policies, providing localized information on the impacts of policies like ACA repeal, and supplying research-based digital content for social media users to share within their communities.

  • The DNC has devoted the majority of its communications team to an early and sustained media onslaught in key states. Four full-time battleground communicators will hold Trump accountable every day on a hyper-local level.
  • The DNC’s relationship with state parties gives the War Room a resource that few others can claim: experienced and senior operatives and offices in all 50 states. Our battleground communicators will be working hand-in-hand with state parties to make sure the War Room is always operating with the best understanding possible of what’s really happening on the ground.
  • The War Room will be a one-stop shop for state parties, online activists, and others in the ecosystem to counter Trump on the ground in battleground states with localized information, assistance with bracketing events and press conferences around Trump visits, and other resources. This work will spotlight the hurt he has brought to communities and provide an opportunity to educate and organize key voters. Most importantly, they result in ample local coverage of Trump’s betrayal of the middle class.
  • Before Trump visits a battleground state, the War Room publishes all the promises that Trump made in the same state during his first campaign for president, and reveals how Trump has failed to follow through. The War Room will organize social media users in battleground states to share content, connect with each other and mobilize.

DISRUPTIVE ONLINE CONTENT: The War Room will flood the zone, especially online, with content that no one else in Democratic politics is able to provide, spotlighting highly localized and human impacts of Trump’s betrayal of the middle class. We will use tested digital organizing strategies to supply grassroots supporters, thought leaders, and members of the media with massive amounts of anti-Trump content at the speed needed to keep up with today’s news environment.

  • The War Room will focus on distributing content about and telling the stories of Americans who have been betrayed by Trump’s policies and broken promises,  using research, original direct-to-camera material, and the results of its monitoring of hundreds of local media markets around the country. No other entity has the capacity to monitor so many small and medium media markets, and then clip and distribute the video in real time.
  • Every day, the War Room will post and distribute to Twitter influencers a regular stream of clips of the Trump administration or the RNC lying to the American people. Influencers will amplify these to bring awareness to the lies coming directly from Trump’s team.
  • To combat the Republicans’ mass misinformation, the War Room fact checks Trump’s rallies in real time on Twitter so reporters and Americans across the country can push back on partisan propaganda and hold Trump accountable using localized information and stories directly from voters.

FOCUSING THE CHORUS: We want everyone to be saying the same message and saying it louder. To complement the message on Trump, we’ll also be telling a proactive story about what it means to be a Democrat. For example, we will hold Trump and Republicans accountable for wanting to take away people’s health care while making clear that Democrats are the ones who want to expand health care.

  • The War Room is already developing the next generation of Democratic communicators who can help hold Trump accountable. The War Room is providing them with free media training, booking them, and tracking voters’ reactions to their appearances.
  • The War Room will provide tested messaging to Democratic organizations and candidates. We will also release daily detailed talking points to an enormous list of Democratic talkers on how best to combat Republican propaganda, misinformation and conspiracy theories. We have staffers devoted to prepping surrogates, and they are available throughout the day and evening to provide pushback at a moment’s notice.
  • Past war rooms have focused on booking surrogates on cable news, despite the fact that most people get their news from local media and new media. The DNC’s War Room has expanded its priorities to focus on these outlets. We will increase our engagement with local trusted voices, like state representatives, mayors and other elected officials, to push back against the Trump administration. The War Room is also creating a separate program for Twitter influencers that will provide them with tailored and unique content to better shape our narrative online.

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