VoteVets to Sue Trump Administration

VoteVets is suing the Trump administration, and we need your help to blow this story wide open. Here’s why:

Shortly after the election, Trump essentially installed three members of Mar-a-Lago as shadow rulers of the Department of Veterans Affairs. His golf buddies.  Not kidding.

There was no formal appointment. They have no background with veterans’ health care or houselessness or job training. They just belong to Trump’s club. And VA appointees and employees are expected to report to them.

So we’re suing to stop this travesty. But there’s also going to be House Committee hearings on the issue. And that’s why we’re asking:

Sign VoteVets’ petition: tell House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chair, Mark Takano, you stand with him in calls for an investigation and hearings into Trump’s golf buddies’ role in running the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The health and safety of America’s veterans isn’t a game for President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago members to play with between rounds of golf or over shrimp cocktails. It’s not just insulting that veterans were forced to sue the Trump administration to have a voice in its veterans’ policies, it’s dangerous.

All our best,

The team at VoteVets


P.S. VoteVets is the largest organization of progressive veterans, military family members and their civilian supporters. We run some of the hardest hitting ads out there and last cycle spent more money to elect a Congress that will stand up to Trump than almost any other organization. Join us in this fight to stop Trump’s appointment of shadow rulers to the VA.

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