DNC Update 2018 NOV 30

Trump Broke His Promise To Autoworkers As More Layoffs Come

Trump promised autoworkers they “won’t lose one plant” if he was elected. He also promised that General Motors would expand jobs in the U.S. because of him.

Now, GM plans to close plants in Michigan, Ohio and Maryland, and cut thousands of jobs.

  • GM has also already received a $157 million tax windfall from the Trump tax law, which they used to benefit their shareholders, not their workers.
  • The president is failing the workers he promised to lift up during his campaign.
  • This is only the latest iteration of job cuts. General Motors had already cut thousands of jobs despite Trump’s promises.

Companies including Carrier, Rexnord, Boeing, Harley-Davidson, and Ford also cut American jobs, despite Trump’s specific promises to their workers.

Americans deserve leaders who will fight to create good jobs, raise wages, and protect workers’ rights, in order to ensure economic opportunity for all.

This is what Democrats stand for, this is what Democrats are fighting for, and we won’t back down.

Brian Gabriel
Democratic National Committee, 430 S Capitol St SE, Washington DC 20003