Toplines on Midterm Election Results

2018 NOV 19 – DNC Message Guidance

DEMOCRATS WON BIG: At least 40 House seats flipped. 7 governor seats flipped. 8 new legislative majorities picked up this cycle. 4 attorneys general seats flipped. At least 2 secretary of state seats flipped. We broke 5 Republican supermajorities in state legislatures this cycle. 2 Senate seats flipped. And we flipped at least 380 state legislative seats this cycle.

DEMOCRATS EXPANDED THE MAP: Democrats are organizing everywhere, and we organized everywhere early. We’ll continue to expand the map in 2019 and 2020.

  • We flipped House seats from upstate New York to Texas to Oklahoma.
  • We took back governors’ mansions from Maine to Kansas to New Mexico.
  • We flipped state legislative chambers from New Hampshire to Colorado.

DIVERSITY WINS: Democrats believe diversity is a strength. Just look who we elected:

  • The first African American women to represent Massachusetts and Connecticut in Congress
  • The first Muslim women to serve in the House
  • The first Latinas in the House from Texas
  • The first Native American women in the House
  • The first Native American woman elected statewide in Minnesota
  • The first openly gay man elected as governor
  • The first woman elected to the Senate from Arizona and second openly LGBTQ senator
  • The first Asian American elected to the House from New Jersey

YEAR OF WOMEN: Women are leading the resistance, and they led the Democrats to victory in the House of Representatives and in governorships across the country.

  • Exit polling shows that Trump has a 39-60 approve-disapprove rating among women.
  • We have flipped at least 40 House seats so far – 24 of those by women.
  • We’ve expanded the number of female Democratic governors from two to at least six with wins by Laura Kelly, Janet Mills, Gretchen Whitmer, and Michelle Lujan Grisham.
  • We elected 2 female senators with Jacky Rosen and Kyrsten Sinema.

HEALTH CARE #1 ISSUE:  That’s what our candidates ran on and that’s what they’ll look forward to working on in Congress.

  • Exit polling confirmed that health care is the #1 issue for voters in America, and health care voters went for Democrats by 52 points (75-23).
  • Three red states — Utah, Nebraska, and Idaho — voted to expand Medicaid.

GAINS FOR REDISTRICTING: Flipping control of governorships and statehouses is critical to our party’s 2020 redistricting strategy, because they are tasked with redrawing a state’s legislative maps.

  • Democrats flipped at least 380 state legislative seats this cycle.
  • Democrats flipped 7 governorships in the heartland, the Southwest, and the Northeast.
  • Democrats took control of 8 state legislative chambers this cycle.
  • Republicans now have unified control over drawing the boundaries of 179 House districts, down from 204 before the election.

NEW REALITY FOR TRUMP: The big loser of the midterms is Donald Trump. His unpopularity hurt Republicans up and down the ballot, and Democrats won back voters who were not satisfied with his agenda.

  • Democrats won Senate and governors’ races across the Rust Belt states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin — that helped elect Trump president.
  • Trump’s endorsements “meant squat.” At least 40 Trump-backed candidates lost.
  • Exit polls made it clear that Trump was on the ballot. Many more voters showed up to oppose him than to support him.
  • Voters want a check on the president. They resoundingly spoke out, and flipped at least 40 House seats from red to blue.

Lucas Acosta

National Broadcast Media Manager
Director of LGBTQ Media
Democratic National Committee