Gilmer Dems 2018 September Meeting

It’s that time again for Gilmer Democrats to get together and talk freely without fear of reprisal!

We will gather at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 20, in the bar at Mucho Kaliente Restaurant.

Hart Baker, Chair of Fannin County Democrats will be our guest and tell us about an event they are sponsoring.

We have also invited Charley Bailey, candidate for Georgia Attorney General, but have had no response.  I don’t expect to see him.

Bring your spare change — we have donated the max we could — $500 each — to the four most important candidates in the November election:  Stacey Abrams, Governor; Sarah Riggs Amico, Lt. Governor (who will be with us again on October 7); Josh McCall, U.S. Congress (also here on Oct. 7); and our own Rick Day, running for the Georgia Statehouse against David Ralston.  We need to replenish our coffers.

See you Thursday!