Update from the Chair 2018 JUL 01

Hello, Gilmer Democrat!

                   Here’s your news of the day

 Give a shout-out to Dems who have recently joined our group: 

Gary Corn (Jasper)

Janet and Kolin McIntire

Ellen and Ed Hale

Robert Bremm

Peggy French

 Give another shout-out to Barbara Neumeyer!  Then read the great Letter to the Editor she wrote for the last issue of the Times-Courier.  Thanks, Barbara!

We encourage all our Dems to follow her lead to publicize Democratic values in a lucid and reasoned fashion and to clarify the misinformation spread through social media and other irresponsible sources.

Join us for the Fourth of July Parade and SURPRISE fun!

 We will gather on Wednesday, July 4, at 4:30 p.m.in the parking area in front of Spivey’s Body Shop on Sailor’s Drive.  Wear your Democrats’ T-shirt if you have one (we want to make a STATEMENT!)  

 Please also help us to decorate the truck being loaned by Jerry Watkins (THANK YOU!). 

 Bring with you:

 ·        a hat

·        sunscreen

·        a sign supporting Democratic values if you have one

·        a folding chair

 Water will be provided.

 The parade begins at 6:00 p.m. and Jerry will return us to Sailor’s Drive at the end of the parade.   

 Results of the Election to the Gilmer County Democratic Committee

The composition of the new Gilmer County Democratic Committee is as follows:

 District A:  Helen Ann (Ani) Lummus

 District B:  Elmer T. (Tom) White, Ed Gregory, and Terri Woehr

 District C:  (see below*)

 District D:  Rick Day, Jack Neumeyer, (*)

 District E:  Melba Gandy, Chris Miller, and Geraldine (Geri) Barker

 At Large:  Karl Seidman

 *Two candidates on the ballot had verbally indicated that they would stand for election to the Committee, but did not qualify for failure to file the required “Application to Serve” prior to the election.  If these individuals continue to wish to serve, they may request that the new Committee, which has the power to fill vacant seats, appoint them.