Continuation of the Gilmer Democrats

This is an e-mail that means a great deal to me.

A year and a half ago, we reconstituted the Democratic organization here in Gilmer County.  We have had some notable successes — and a particularly sad failure in attempts to motivate Democrats to run for local offices.  That will change, of course, if we can continue to grow.

Today, however, we face an existential crisis.  We are required to hold an election for seats on the Democratic Committee between now and the 5th of July.  Despite my call for candidates via e-mail and our social media, no one has come forward to offer themselves as a candidate.  If we fail to elect new members, we will be required to relinquish our hard-won certification as an official arm of the Democratic Party.

I make this last, and heartfelt appeal to you to run for a seat on the Committee.  It doesn’t take much time but the committee is absolutely essential to maintain a party organization in our community.  It would be shameful for us to disintegrate in this important election year and considering the challenges we face as a country.

The Committee has been meeting monthly, but is only required to meet once a quarter.  The Committee, when elected, will then select its own officers and decide how it will do business within the guidelines provided by the Democratic Party of Georgia.

If you or anyone you know is willing to serve, please respond to this e-mail.  If you have questions, feel free to ask them or call me at 706-635-3749. 

Thanks for your consideration.

Melba Gandy, Chair

Gilmer County Democratic Committee