Update from Our Chair: 2018 JUN

Hello Democratic Friend!

Interested in the subject of giving guns to public school teachers – or not?

I am neither a mother nor a teacher, but I care very much about the well-being of our upcoming generation. Personally, I think it is an unforgivable tragedy to put MORE guns in schools and subject children to this additional risk to their lives. I do not believe that more guns will result in fewer shootings. It just doesn’t make sense.

This rant was prompted by a post from a friend, who has a child of school age. She made clear that, because of the obvious danger if guns are introduced into the classroom, her child will never attend a public school. It made me think – what about people who can’t afford or do not have other resources that enable them to opt out of public education for their offspring? The law requires that children be educated and, for some, public school is the only option open to them. This creates a situation in which government is literally forcing those people to send their children into harm’s way every school day of the year! I believe this is an outrage.

If you are opposed to arming teachers, please read the attachment (click here). It is from Susan DeMoura, who, I believe, is a candidate for Fannin County School Board.

If you are interested in heading up, participating in, or helping with an effort to prevent more guns in Gilmer County Schools, please respond to this e-mail. If there is interest, I will compile the names, set a meeting, and whomever attends can begin to strategize an action plan.

Thanks for listening!

REMINDER: Gilmer Democrats’ next meeting will be on Thursday, June 21, at 6:00 p.m. The location will be announced at a later date.

REMINDER 2: If Gilmer Democrats is to continue as a viable organization, candidates are needed to run for seats on the County Committee. Please contact Melba Gandy by return e-mail if you or someone you know is interested in serving. It doesn’t take much time but is essential for the Democratic Party to preserve its grassroots base. We have worked hard for the success we have enjoyed since the 2016 election, and we have a promising future with the help of members such as you. May I hear from you???


Have a wonder Memorial Day and take time to remember those who have served our country!!