GCDC Election Notice


Elections to the Gilmer County Democratic Committee must take place between May 23 and July 5 of this year.  Those elected will assume office on January 1, 2019.  A specific election date will be selected in early June and you will be notified of the time and place.

The qualifications to serve are simple: the candidate must be registered to vote in Gilmer County, and must sign an affidavit ensuring that s/he is a Democrat and will support the Democratic Party.

In the meantime, please think about running for a seat, and talk with your friends and fellow Democrats to determine who is interested in serving on the Committee.  All candidates are welcome.

Seats are open for election in every Democratic District:

District A shall comprise the following precincts:

1          Ellijay South
4          Town Creek

District B shall comprise the following precincts:

3          Tails Creek
5          Leaches

District C shall comprise the following precincts:

7          Boardtown
8          Mountaintown
10        Ellijay North

District D shall comprise the following precincts:

6          Cherry Log
13        Ellijay Northeast
9          East Ellijay

District E shall comprise the following precincts:

2          Cartecay
11         Yukon
12        Big Creek

If you would like more information about the duties of a Committee Member, just e-mail me and I will forward some information.


Melba Gandy, Chair
Gilmer County Democratic Committee