DNC Update: Prescription Drug Prices

2018 MAY 11:  Today, Trump is set to deliver remarks on his yet-to-be-fulfilled promise to lower prescription drug costs.  However, the millions of Americans who are still charged far too much for their prescriptions are surely wondering what the president has done to prevent drug costs from skyrocketing.

Time and time again Trump promised to take on the pharmaceutical industry and lower prescription drug costs. Instead, Trump filled his administration with industry executives, gave massive tax giveaways to pharmaceutical corporations, and proposed a budget that could increase out-of-pocket drug costs for millions of Medicare beneficiaries.

Trump has been president for well over a year and the United States pays some of the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs.  Too many Americans cannot afford to fill their prescriptions.

A lifesaving drug is no good if it is unaffordable to the very people who need it most.  Democrats believe that the government has a responsibility to reduce price gouging by drug companies, whose levels of profiteering off Americans-in-need have been simply unacceptable.

This country’s leaders need to commit to investing in the research, development, and innovation that creates lifesaving drugs and lowers overall health costs.  While Republicans largely neglect this responsibility, Democrats are taking the lead:
Last year, Congressional Democrats rolled out a set of policy proposals to reduce the price of prescription drugs.

Lucas Acosta

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