DNC: Iran Deal

2018 MAY 08: Trump is playing games with America’s national security and making the world less safe.  The president wasn’t even able to draft a plan that all participants of the JCPOA could agree to before his speech today.  He needs to stick to the deal that’s in place while continuing to impose sanctions on Iran’s other dangerous activities.  The facts show that the Iran Deal is working, and the entire international community is a better place for it.

Failing to waive sanctions effectively spells the end the deal by placing the U.S. in violation of the agreement and subjecting our partners to U.S. sanctions.

Pulling out of the JCPOA ignores the views of members of Trump’s own national security team, the broad consensus of experts in both parties, and our international allies.

Even Trump’s newly sworn-in Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that Iran is actively complying with terms of the deal.

Trump’s Defense Secretary Jim Mattis held up the JCPOA’s “robust” ability to give the international community oversight into Iran’s compliance.

The president would do well to listen to his own national security experts and the IAEA, who are all in agreement that this deal is working and keeps Americans safe.

The Iran Deal is actively reducing the chance of one more nuclear threat in the world and is undoubtedly in the best interests of both the United States and the international community at-large.  The facts and evidence show that the JCPOA is working:

  • Iran saw a roughly 95% reduction of their uranium stockpile.
  • Iran dismantled roughly 13,000 centrifuges and stored them under monitoring by the IAEA.
  • Iran disabled a heavy-water nuclear reactor capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium.

Walking away from the Iran deal sends a message to the world that America isn’t serious about keeping its commitments.  Breaking this promise to our international partners only serves to weaken our global standing and further isolate us from our allies.

Trump is manufacturing a crisis and putting our national security at further risk at a time when we are already facing a dire nuclear threat from North Korea.

How can our allies trust Trump to peacefully cooperate on a solution to North Korea when he weakens America’s credibility by walking away from a working international agreement?

Lucas Acosta

National Broadcast Media Manager
Director of LGBTQ Media
Democratic National Committee
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