Pruitt Should Resign

DNC Daily Message Guidance – April 6, 2018

Enough is enough. It is long past time for Scott Pruitt’s tenure to end. From cozying up to industry insiders, to wasting taxpayer dollars and breaking ethical norms, Americans cannot trust Pruitt and he should resign immediately.

At the same time, Pruitt has led the Trump administration’s reckless dismantling of Obama-era protections, favoring industry and special interests over the environment he is supposed to protect.

Pruitt’s latest move to roll back greenhouse gas and fuel emission standards will not only harm the environment but will put people’s health at risk.

In addition to that, here’s a quick list of some of Pruitt’s latest offenses:

    • The EPA signed off on a project for an energy company, which was represented by the firm that employs the lobbyist who has been linked to the Washington condo that Pruitt rented at far below market value.
    • The lobbyist-owned townhouse Pruitt rented was used also used as a GOP fundraising hub.
    • Pruitt went around the White House and took advantage of an obscure provision to give raises to two of his aides, though he’s now trying to claim that he knew nothing about it.
    • Pruitt reassigned EPA staff who questions questioned his lavish spending and outlandish requests.

We shouldn’t forget that he’s still under investigation over taxpayer-funded travel to his home state. Pruitt has spent tens of thousands of taxpayer money on non-commercial flights and first-class travel.

Pruitt’s aides even considered renting a private jet for his travel at a taxpayer cost of roughly $100,000 a month.

Unfortunately, it’s not just Pruitt – this is a pattern of corruption and abuse of taxpayer dollars that comes from the top and has spread across the Trump administration.

The president has set the tone for this wasteful spending by spending tens of millions in taxpayer money on his weekly excursions to his golf clubs and resorts.

Lucas Acosta

National Broadcast Media Manager
Director of LGBTQ Media
Democratic National Committee
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