Deception in Voting Bill

From 3/26/2018 newsletter of Georgia Rural Urban Summit:
Deception in Voting bill. Common Cause calls for your help to defeat SB 403 as written: Oppose Senate Bill 403, the voting machines bill. We believe this bill is unethical, nontransparent, and is NOT a paper ballot bill as it’s being sold. These legislators need to hear from you:
Rep. Christian Coomer 404.656.5024
Speaker David Ralston 404.656.5020
Rep. John Meadows 404.656.5141
Rep. Jon Burns 404.656.5052
Rep. Jan Jones 404.656.5072

Tell them: 
I’m asking you to oppose SB 403 because it lacks strong audit language and the procurement process is under the power of the outgoing Secretary of State who is also a gubernatorial candidate. This is NOT a paper ballot bill and the state is on the verge of continuing to allow unverified voting for another two decades.